Canada Day Party Tips

While red and white are the quintessential Canada Day colours, consider using other Canadian colours – incorporate a rustic Canadian motif by using plaid and pine greenery. Canada’s beauty is truly immense – we recommend encapsulating that beauty by using rich colours from Canada’s wilderness in your party décor.

Serve your guests an array of truly Canadian foods – like poutine, Saskatoon berry pie and maple EVERYTHING! Why not invite each guest to bring a different dish representing cuisine from each province? From British Columbia vines to Quebec maple syrup to lobster from Nova Scotia. Give them the true Canadian culinary experience!

Try this delicious poutine recipe by Seasons and Suppers. We highly recommend using real cheese curds to make truly authentic poutine – the squeakier the better!  In terms of plating, we recommend making individual portions for each guest.  We prefer to use out Sugar Cane Plates because they are fantastic at holding copious amounts of cheese curds and gravy!  YUM!

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